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After more than ten years and 10,000+ posts, the time has come to bid a fond farewell to the Burgundy Topz Club Forums.

The forums have served us well and will always be remembered as one of the many places we could hang out and discuss the finer things in life, break off into ridiculous tangents, and even talk about old scooters once in while…

Before we shut them down, we wanted to extend our deepest thanks to the 175+ users who helped make the forums such fun and share a few facts about our beloved boards.

Topz Forums Fun Facts:

  • 10,830 Total Topics
  • 74,355 Total Posts
  • 175 Human Members
  • 1 Damn Good Time

Top Five Users:

  1. Christo S. – 11,723 posts
  2. David K. – 6,284 posts
  3. Paul T. – 5516 posts
  4. Ryan O. – 4391 posts
  5. Soupcan – 3838 posts


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Thank You.